Will Boogie move to Hollywood?

January 4, 2018

The NBA rumour train never stops, and the latest one links DeMarcus Cousins to the Los Angeles Lakers, so lets see if we can get him there.


First of all, the Lakers primary targets are Paul George or LeBron James, so for this move to happen, we need PG13 to fall in love with the Oklahoma City Thunder while LeBron decides to finish his legacy where it all started.


Secondly, this trade won't happen. 


The Pelicans are in a hunt for the playoffs, and Cousins is a major piece that will get them there, so for a trade to be made, the front office in New Orleans needs to get a hint that he'll be on the move, which could be a possibility. 


This scenario is based off two possibilities, one being if the Pelicans drop off by a huge amount before the deadline (and decide to move some pieces) while the other is if they get a hint that Cousins will be looking to test free agency in the summer.


So lets say the stars align, Boogie gives the code of "I'm testing free agency" and the Lakers get word that PG and LeBron are staying put, what happens then, and why should the Lakers trade anything if they can just wait until the off-season?


Firstly, the Lakers need a guarantee that Cousins will sign a deal following his contract expiring, otherwise this whole trade would be for nothing (it's nothing anyway, but still), they don't want a rental, they want a championship piece. 


Secondly, there's a huge salary issue which the Lakers need to deal with (thanks Luol), so who are the pieces up for grabs?


It has been made clear that Randle is on borrowed time, and rumours are always surrounding Clarkson as a supporting piece in any Lakers trade, throw in KCP to get rid of that ridiculous 1 year, $17,745,894 deal and you should have all the space you need for Boogie and potentially, Paul George. 


The downside for the Lakers would be having to take on Omer Asik. He's a low performing player on a big salary that would leave their roster with four centre's for the remainder of the season and beyond. Realistically though, the could trade Brook Lopez in the summer and cast Andrew Bogut off in to the world of free-agency without issue, so not all would be lost. 


For the Pelicans, adding a small ball four alongside AD could result in a more mobile offensive scheme, while Clarkson will provide solid back-up minutes for Rondo this season and for the remainder of his contract. KCP will give them some much needed perimeter shooting until he decides to go for another max deal. 


Like i stated earlier, this trade won't happen, but that's the fun of it, no?






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